Investing with OMG

Property Management 

We do our best to be transparent and that's why we adhere to constant communication between investors and their properties. Using the best in technology to streamline our backoffice and your portfolios, we expect that you will agree with the results that no exclamation points are needed after OMG.

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Our clients span across four different continents around the Globe. They place in us their trust to take care of their properties and handle their business in our area. We understand what a big responsibility it is to look after someone's homes and we do our best to break the fourth wall by letting you into the driver's seat every step of the way.

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HOA Notices, Utility Bills, City Fines. None of these should be the norm and at OMG Realty we are anything but the norm. Here is what Investors can expect:

NARPM Certified Property Managers 
Quality Assessments of Repair & Maintenance
Exceptional Vendors to Stock your Properties
Thorough Tenant Screening (So You Won't Have To)

International Investors are Welcomed. You will not be in small company, as more than 30% of our partners are overseas. So talk to us today and let us prove the name of OMG Realty as more than just a fad.