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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the application process take?

A potential tenant can expect to hear from OMG within 3 business days of submitting their application.

Where do I pay my rent and what forms of payment are accepted?

OMG realty accepts payments addressed to our offices through mail or dropped off directly at the office. You can also set up direct deposit for payments. We accept all forms of payments except Credit Cards.

When will a late fee be applied to my rent?

You have a 5 day grace period following your rent due date. A late fee will be applied to your total on the fifth date. No exceptions

Am I allowed to paint the walls a new color when I move in?

Interior alterations like painting the walls are permitted during your stay on the property but at the end of your lease you must return the property in its original condition otherwise a fee will be applied. 

May I bring my pets into the rental I will be living in?

This depends on the property and its owners. If they pets are permitted on the property a non-refundable pet fee will be collected at the time of rental.

Who do I contact in case of a residential related emergency?

You may contact our offices during business hours or the alternate maintenance specialists number given at move-in. Immediate life-threatening emergencies of course, should be properly assessed by contacting authorities or calling 911.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

Our home maintenance specialists are responsible for repairs and available to listen 24 hours a day to our tenant's property needs and work to fix each issue as soon as possible. The phone number for these sources are given at move-in. 

What do I have to do to recover my security deposit?

To recover your security deposit you must return the apartment or house in the same condition it was in at move-in date. If that is done successfully, within the next 30 business days following the move out your security deposit will be returned. 

I have some more questions, who can I ask?

Feel free to call our office Monday-Friday from 10am- 5pm at 407-483-7811 if you have any further questions. Our team will happily do their best to answer them!