Plain and Simple:

We enjoy what we do.

While many companies only concern is having you sign on that dotted line we are a team of individuals who work to prove that our clients are more than just a number to us.

Mixing an incomparable blend of passion, creativity, diversity, adaptability and enthusiasm OMG is always looking for new additions that aim to make this group into the Powerhouse we consistently strive to be.

Whether you’re a veteran in the Real Estate business or a rookie you are welcome at OMG Realty.

We are always looking to expand our team with the right individuals so, we are ready when you are.


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    Why OMG


You may be pursuing an education, have another job, or balancing full-time parenthood but working in real estate grants you the opportunity to create a schedule on your terms. OMG will work with agents to reach a schedule that takes their lives and goals into consideration and maximizes their time with us to achieve the best work they can.


Whether your area of expertise becomes selling houses, properties or working with new developments to sell lots the demand for a living space for families in Florida is perpetual. Last year a record-breaking 66 million people visited the city of Orlando which serves as proof to any future OMG agent that the sky is the limit!


While new-hire training at many jobs are infamously long, tedious and non-stop paperwork we do our best to introduce you to the fast-paced world of Real Estate through our training from day one. Although contracts and such are unavoidable in this job, our team with over 20 years of experience welcome new agents with open arms and focus on instilling new team member with the energy needed to make this the fun and exciting career it is meant to be because we believe happy agents yield the best results.   

Expand your network

Maybe real estate is just a stop in the train to your ultimate career or a part-time gig, but one thing that is undeniable is your time will be spent with clients from all over the globe giving you the ability to develop a level of communication that can be your key to your future career endeavors. 

There is no cap on your earnings in real estate and with OMG realty! You truly get out what you put in. This means your earnings can support you and your family while still giving you time to enjoy the warm Florida sun.